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Hello everyone!  I just wanted to share some pictures I took on my latest little travels, to Grasmere, in the Lake District, where I spent a couple of weeks WWOOFing, helping out in the extensive rock garden and doing a spot of forestry work.  I’ve been wielding the wood-chopping axe and working on my wheelbarrow muscles, and in between I’ve been gawping at the scenery at every change in the light.

My stay at Roundhill concludes my WWOOFing adventures for the year, although I’m already thinking about making some re-visits…

But for now, my next project takes me to America, which is weird and exciting and lots of other things.  I’ve got big plans that involve perhaps more time spent inside than my monthly average of late, with guitar, microphones, laptop and other things we can just call gear.  I’ll be on a big old sound recording learning curve and tea-drinking binge.  I’ll keep you posted, and will hopefully have some soundbites and videos to share soon!  I can hardly wait.

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