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Week 13: Riverboat

Hello Friends!
Can it be a song if there’s no singing? This week it can. I’m not sure this one really meets my songwriting criteria, but it was a fun creative experiment!

I’ve been busy planning things – the eagle-eyed will notice some new gigs on the Shows page.

And, for any songwriting mavens out there feeling unsatisfied by the questionable song-ness of this week’s offering, this one is definitely a song:

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Week 12: The Overview Effect

Hello friends!
Here’s my twelfth “OneSong A Week”… I have to say I’m very pleased to be (just about) keeping up with my challenge of writing, demoing and sharing a new song every week.
I’m going to keep this description short (at least for now)- my computer feels like it’s in the verge of overheating (and I certainly am too). Very warm in Portland today.
Anyway, I happened to watch a video about a phenomenon called The Overview Effect, which inspired this song. You might like it

Do you remember the first time you saw
The earth hanging in space?
This was an image that changed everything
Our whole perception of place
That’s us, surrounded by nothingness
We’re stardust and interconnectedness
With this overview

Imagine you’ve spent your whole life working for
Your moment to visit the stars
As soon as you floated away from your seat
You found yourself gazing back to us
And now you thing that you understand
That there are no borders between lands
With this overview

And you see it so clearly when you’re way up here
And you miss it so dearly when you’re way up here
With this overview

The colours, the motion, the beauty below
You see it all as a whole
To transcend the feeling of separation
To feel this shift in your soul
And how can we get the message out
That we are in this together now?


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