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Early autumn news

Hello dear readers,

I notice that a blog post is long overdue!  Here are some updates.

Our Summer tour, back in August, was a great success and a lovely little “working holiday”.  While on the road in California, recording plans began to formulate, and as soon as we were back in Portland we paid a visit to Josh Powell at The Map Room to check out the studio.  Since then, we’ve recorded a 5 song EP with Josh that will be due for release in early 2015.  This is exciting!

Playback time:

Good things are happening @The Map Room Recording Studio

A photo posted by Anne-Marie Sanderson (@annemariesanderson) on

There will no doubt be much more news about this in the coming months.  It’s quite a process…!

In the meantime, we will be out and about gigging and enjoying autumn weather.

This evening we’re at the Coffee Cottage in Newberg, Oregon, for the first Friday art walk.  If you should chance to be in the area, stop by at 7!

Portlanders can hear us tomorrow (Friday Oct 4) at the ever-welcoming Waypost with Brenda Xu and Elise Leblanc.  Music starts at 8:30 and we’re playing last.

More gigs are coming up on the horizon – check out the shows page to see what’s going on.

Thanks for listening!

I’ll leave you with a picture of the very lovely sky today.

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Some thoughts on “One Song a Week”

Hello friends!
This week I have some slightly disappointing news… I don’t have a new song for you. However, I did allude, some weeks ago, to a possible future blog post with some thoughts about “One Song a Week”. So, this is that.
Part of my goal with this project has been to get away from feeling like being creative is a magically elusive thing that can only come when the moment and the inspiration is right… when I’m not too tired, too hungry, too full, too annoyed about having been overcharged at whole foods (again), too full of excuses. I think I have managed pretty well (and I don’t think this post is meant as an eulogy to the project, just for the record). I have never before written 13 songs in as many weeks. Even if some of them won’t ever be performed, or make it onto any proper recording, I’m still pretty pleased with what I’ve managed to accomplish. But writing a song in the spare time found around the edges of a single week, not to mention recording it too, is a tall order. Despite my best efforts, life, as they say, has somewhat got in the way this week (which is by no means a bad thing – just that I don’t have a new song). Although I’ve managed to get into a reasonable rhythm of being musically creative (the “output”, as it were), I haven’t had much time for “input”, reading, listening to speech radio and music, that kind of thing. So there’s been a bit of an imbalance, I find myself needing to take some time to process more fully some ideas and things I’ve been thinking about, that can’t be wrangled into a song at a moment’s notice.
I’m also finding it hard, with so many new songs, to remember them all and to really master playing and singing them! So, that’s what I’ve been doing, instead of working on a new one this week.
If anyone’s in Portland and would like to hear some of these new songs (well rehearsed, I promise!), I’ll be playing at Camellia Lounge this Thursday 17th July with Brenda Xu and would looove to see you there!

Camellia Lounge brown

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